PH Metalurgia

Análisis elemental como parámetro de calidad en la producción de acero

La industria siderúrgica ha sido una de las más importantes y de mayor crecimiento desde la época de la revolución industrial. Todos los procesos de transformación de los minerales que contienen hierro hasta los productos terminados como el acero y sus aleaciones son parte de esta industria.

Know How Much Noise Reduction You Need

Gear used to protect the ears can be a bit more complicated than finding protective eyewear or gloves. With hearing, you need to think about the specifics of the environment where you will be using the protective gear. While you need ear protection while shooting a firearm, those who work in industrial settings also benefit from such equipment. However, the noise exposure is very different in these settings. This means you want to find gear that reduces noise in the exact way that you require to ensure you are truly protecting yourself.

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The average industrial facility produces noise that is measured at about 95 dBA, or A-weighted decibels. Workers in this environment typically require gear that reduces noise by about 10 decibels to stay protected. However, shooting a firearm produces noise that varies depending on the type of gun itself. Additionally, one discharge from certain weapons has been known to produce a sound that is equivalent to 40-hours of exposure to 90 dBA. This means you need much stronger gear when looking for shooting ear protection.

Think About Your Worksite and Job Tasks

Another vital step to finding the best possible protection for your ears is to consider the specifics surrounding why you will be needing the protection. If you work in an industrial facility, for example, you might be able to get by with protective gear that reduces noise in a more general way. However, your specific duties at work might be a bit more complicated and involve long-term exposure to machines that produce louder or more jarring sounds. By factoring your specific position into the equation, you’re more likely to find appropriate gear to meet your needs.

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