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Espectrómetro Modelo GDS 850A
GDS850A Atomic
Espectrómetro Modelo GDS 850A
 Emission Spectrometer
• Spectral range from 120 to 800 nm• Continuous profile of concentration/thickness
• Large, dynamic range with concentrations from ppm to 100% by weight
• Short analysis time (minutes) ®
• True Plasma Power for running nonconductive samples
• Easy-to-use Windows-based software 
• Compatible with SmartLine Remote Diagnostics
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Espectrómetro Modelo GDS500A
GDS500A Spectrometer
Espectrómetro Modelo GDS500A.
• Patented optical design utilizing solid-state detectors
• Innovative design eliminates previous limitations associated with other systems
• Optimum wavelength range for produc tionand process control
• Stability, flexibility, and superior performance for ferrous and nonferrous applications
• Linear calibrations 
• Analyze difficult materials
• Freedom from metallurgical history
• Easy-to-use Windows-based software
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